Q. What is the difference between Beginner and Advanced?

In beginner lessons, We work on building your Cape Breton tune repertoire in fiddle friendly keys like A, D, and G. In addition to learning tunes, we take a close look at the structure of how tunes work to help you internalize them. I give you exercises to help develop your ear and technique. I also cover the basic stylistic characteristics in each tune, with the goal of making them feel more natural. One of my goals is to help you improve your overall technique in order to fiddle more efficiently. If you have only a bit of experience with the instrument, this course is for you.

In the advanced course, we work towards learning tunes in more difficult keys like F major, C major, and B flat major. The advanced course goes beyond the beginner course with more in-depth coverage of bowings and ornaments commonly heard in the Cape Breton style. You will be suited for this course if you have a competent knowledge of the instrument, whether or not you are from a fiddle or classical music background. Do not worry if your ear is not good, we’ll work on that along the way. Similar to the beginner class, we will look at the structure of tunes to help you internalize them more efficiently, and use exercises to help develop the ear and stylistic characteristics.

Q: Will I still be able to watch the lessons I paid for if I decide to cancel?
A: Yes. You will maintain access to any lesson you have already advanced through.

Q: When are new lessons released?
A: We make new lessons available on Sunday morning every week.

Q: Will I only have access to one lesson at a time?
A: You will be able to access all lessons you have advanced through. So in your fourth week, you will also be able to access weeks one, two and three.

Q: What if I find that I’ve purchased the wrong level that works for me?
A: Not a problem. If you find that you’ve picked the beginner lessons, but should be in the advanced, or vice versa, just contact me and we’ll figure out what works best for you.

Q:Does this replace my private lesson’s instructor?
A: While Kimberley’s lessons offer many advantages, nothing can replace the direct feedback that some private instructors can provide. For students who have the opportunity for private instruction, think of Kimberley’s lessons as a supplement for your other instructions. Some of the finger embellishments and bowing patterns that Kimberley demonstrates might offer the perfect material for you to work on with your private instructor.

Q: Can I purchase additional lessons, and skip ahead?
A: We anticipate providing years worth of lessons online eventually, so the initial offering might seem limited. However, you will be able to skip ahead or purchase lessons on a one time basis of $8. For students who plan to enroll in Kimberley’s ongoing curriculum we recommend that you advance through Kimberley’s lessons in order to maximize your learning.

Q: The video starts and stops. Is there anything I can do about that?
A: The video quality is limited by your bandwidth. If you can watch Youtube videos, you shouldn’t have a problem with our videos. That being said, internet service providers are known for limiting the amount of bandwidth they allow during peak times of the day, such as the late afternoon and early evening. If you are having trouble watching the video at these times, try again during non-peak hours to see if the issue might be with your ISP. If this becomes a problem, please email me as soon as possible so that we can determine a way to make the lessons better work for you.