What is that new, blue ‘+1’ block?

by adminKFS on · Leave a comment

I’ve been on the road of late, and have been unable to spend much time on this blog, however, expect that to change over the upcoming week as I have a few posts I’m readily working upon. In the meantime, I wanted to point out a new change on the site. At the bottom of most posts and pages you might see a small blue box with a “+1” inside of it. This is Google’s new +1 feature. It’s very similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ button. If you are logged in to your Google account, you are able to click on this button, and effectively ‘vote’ for my site. This all contributes to Google’s mysterious and always changing algorithm of where pages appear for Google searches, and acts as a recommendation for others. So if I could ask a short favor that when you get the chance, if you could click on the +1 on the front of my page, as well as on any post that you enjoy or find valuable, it would help a lot. Thanks a lot for your support.