Video Blog: Coordinating our Bow and Fingers

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I thought I’d start a series of short video blogs that address technique and style issues. In this video, I demonstate an exercise in coordination that I often work with in the lesson videos and with my private students to line up our bowing and fingering in difficult phrases. Please let know what you think!


Fiddler Magazine online lessons

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Fiddler Magazine has a new feature for providing short online fiddle lessons covering both tunes and techniques from a varied group of genres. They’ve asked me to provide some Cape Breton lessons. Visit Fiddler Magazine to check them out. In one, I cover the tune ‘Green Grow the Rashes O’ and in the other, I devote time to covering the bowing technique of the ‘cut’ common in Cape Breton music. There are a few other lessons already available, and many more planned to come. If you’re not familiar with Fiddler Magazine, it’s a great resource that covers a wide range of topics about many fiddle traditions.

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