Weekly Sessions’ Wrap Up

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This week on Kimberley Sessions, I covered a wide range of topics.  I started off answering some common questions regarding the necessity of music training ranging from reading music to understanding music theory. I came to the conclusion that while these skills are not necessary to learn traditional music at all, any tool like reading music or knowing a bit of music theory can open doors in the learning process.

On Sunday, I posted a short clip with an in depth look at how I hold my bow. I offered a few suggestions to improve your bow hold.

I then wrote a post to demystify strathspeys; what they are, why they are difficult and how they differ from other tune types.

On Tuesday, I gave you some links for listening and learning Cape Breton Music.   These included resources for live music, play alongs, tune books and recordings, as well as practice tools like online metronmes and the Amazing Slow D0wner

Finally, on Friday, I gave you some tips to ponder over if you are choosing a fiddle camp for the first time.  What genres are offered? What are levels are offered?  Is their quiet housing?  What is the day’s schedule?

What else would you like me to write about?  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on here!


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