New Year, New Tune!

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Happy New Year everyone!

No better way to start off the new year than by learning a new tune! This is another one of my favourites and of course it’s a pipe tune. I’m not sure of the name – if anyone knows, please let me know! I’ve included a version of the B part played on pipes; the fiddle version goes down to a low E which is out of pipe range. I’m not sure if the fiddle version grew from an original pipe version or if the tune was adapted to pipes. Again, if anyone has any info, please pass it along. In the pipe version, there is a C# which is not in the key of G, but is the fixed note on the pipe chanter. This gives it a distinctive modal flavour even though the majority of the tune is in G major. This is why I love pipe tunes – there are a lot of guts packed into simple melodies of 9 notes!

I’ve included two recordings- a slowed down version of the tune, and one up to speed.

G reel slow

G reel at tempo

Please let me know what you think of the tune- Enjoy!



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