Some of my favorite youtube clips of Cape Breton music

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You can easily spend hours on youtube watching clips of great Cape Breton music. While there are many current videos, what I think is great is that there are so many old clips- clips of performances from various concerts that I attended as a child, and also from television shows from an era when Atlantic Canadian music was on television every week. Here are some of my favorite clips of mostly older performances that I watch over and over again. Some of them I remember watching on television. And-if anyone has any clips of the show, Up Home Tonight, please get in touch!!

Hope you enjoy! What are your favorite traditional music clips on youtube?


A clip of the Rankin Family playing on the Ann Murray Special in the early 90s.


A clip of Natalie MacMaster with Tracey Dares on piano also filmed for a television show in Scotland


Buddy MacMaster with Maybelle Chisholm on the piano at the Broad Cove concert 1984


Harvey Beaton dancing at the Broad Cove Concert 1985


Featuring John Morris Rankin and Howie MacDonald from the 1986 Mabou Ceilidh


An old clip from the Glendale concert featuring a dance called the Scotch Four. The dancers are Kelly (Warner) MacLennan, Rodney MacDonald, Ashley MacIsaac and Melody (Warner) Cameron. Wendy MacIsaac is on fiddle and Stephanie Wills on piano.


Kyle MacNeil of the Barra MacNeils. This is one of the few videos on youtube of just Kyle playing with his brother Shemas on piano. Kyle was my first fiddle teacher and still remains very much an idol.


Ashley MacIsaac playing on the Rita MacNeil show in the mid 90s.


A great clip of Jerry Holland, Carl MacKenzie, Dave MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIssac from a concert at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax, Nova Scotia



January 29, 2012 at 12:03 pm, Ray Alexander said...

You would at least think they would do reruns of ” Up Home Tonight ” .
They could also do up all the episodes on a dvd & sell them .
Why they cancelled it when they did will always be a mystery . EVERYBODY loved the show & people would talk about it a lot . People were truly surprised when it was cancelled . It was like the best show ever .

February 1, 2012 at 11:39 am, DL said...

Nice clips, each a glimpse into this amazing music. Here’s one I like of a Scottish accordianist who visited not too long ago and played The Sands of Loch Bee:

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